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We Care

Our Mission:

In keeping with the vision of our parent company, Pacific Beachcomber S. C., our mission is to provide exemplary, authentic, and enriching travel experiences for our guests that are environmentally sensitive, sustainable, and that celebrate Polynesian cultural heritage. We believe in the power of travel to make the world a better place, protecting our natural and cultural heritage for future generations through exploration, discovery, education and conservation.


Caring for Culture:

Bora Bora is often praised for its azure seas and overwater bungalows, but it is the Polynesian culture and spirit of the local people that truly brings the island to life. At the InterContinental Bora Bora Le Moana Resort, we strive to connect all guests to the traditions of our unique island home.

  • Enjoy Polynesian performances rooted in island culture every Tuesday and Saturday night; where guests and local residents convene to watch skilled dancers and musicians perform, while enjoying an array of Polynesian culinary specialties.
  • Immerse yourself in our cultural demonstrations led by expert islanders, including a va’a initiation, traditional costumes, a pareo show, and culinary workshops focused on the regional speciality, poisson cru.
  • Make your wedding or vow renewal a special occasion to remember with our intimate Polynesian ceremonies that incorporate island influence into your special day.


Caring for the Environment:

Honoring our responsibility to protect Bora Bora’s diverse and fragile ecosystem, we proudly uphold environmentally-friendly practices and encourage all guests to join our ongoing efforts.

  • As active participants in the IHG Global Green Engage project, we submit monthly water, energy, and waste reports to benchmark and minimize our environmental impact.
  • We have eliminated plastic straws and use refillable amenity dispensers in guest rooms, and we continue to work to reduce and eliminate single use plastics throughout the hotel.
  • Solar power is harnessed for Biorock technology, which stimulates coral growth in our ongoing marine restoration projects.
  • Our aromatic plant garden was created from recycled pallets, allowing us to source organic ingredients for our bars and restaurants while minimizing food miles.
  • Our staff regularly participate in island clean-up campaigns through local non-profit organization Ia Vai Ma Noa Bora Bora.


Caring for People:

The warm and welcoming locals of Bora Bora are what make our island a true paradise. We are dedicated to directly supporting our neighbor artisans, communities and businesses while providing all employees with ample opportunities for personal and professional growth.

  • Relax in our authentic thatch-walled guest rooms showcasing traditional Polynesian touches made by local artisans, such as woodcarvings, tapa bark cloth, and woven bamboo and pandanus leaves.
  • Watch as local artisans demonstrate the processes behind their skillful island handicrafts at our Te Anuanua boutique before browsing the full spectrum of Bora Bora’s unique souvenirs at nearby markets and art galleries in Vaitape.
  • Join a daytime adventure with our knowledgeable guides, including traditional Tahitian oven-baked lunches and majestic hikes up the mighty Mt. Otemanu, where you will take in some of the most awe-inspiring views in all of French Polynesia, while learning about the local way of life.


Caring for Nature:

Bora Bora is blessed with incredible natural wealth and we are committed to safeguarding our precious resources while encouraging all guests to explore the island’s impressive biodiversity firsthand.

  • Experience Bora Bora the eco-friendly way with our wide array of complimentary activities including kayaking, paddle-boarding and traditional canoe trips that allow you to experience the surrounding seas as Tahitian oarsmen have for centuries.
  • Connect with your natural surroundings, even from inside your villa, where glass-bottomed tables offer views of tropical reef fish swimming amongst coral gardens that are carefully monitored by marine biologists.
  • Snorkel with reef sharks and rays, scuba dive in our endless coral reefs, or try other unique forms of underwater exploration including helmet, sub-scooter and submarine diving into an underwater world unlike any other – diligently monitored by our Reef Check trained ‘ecodivers’.