We are passionate about tourism benefiting both travelers and local communities.


In an effort to ensure our local communities benefit from tourism, we are constantly working to support the people of Polynesia and form meaningful relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders.



InterContinental Bora Bora Le Moana Resort participates in many local environmental events each year, including Earth Day, Earth Hour, Ocean Day and World Ocean Clean Up Day. Our staff and local community also come together to take action by supporting local initiatives that share our values. We invites both staff and guests to join events through communication and awareness campaign efforts.


The resort offers in-kind donations of meals and room nights as well as financial donations for community events and associations promoting music, dance, sport, nature conservation or support for people with a handicap.

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Local economy support

We support skilled local artisans who endeavor to keep island traditions alive by purchasing their crafts, including coconut frond baskets, traditional tifaifai bedspreads and colorful painted sarongs.

The structure of our bungalows is made from locally sourced pandanus (walls and roofs) and bamboo. In our shop, several local products are available.


We bring local students to the resort to learn about sustainability firsthand while also introducing environmental awareness programs to their schools.

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As part of our commitment to supporting island businesses and artisans, we prioritize sourcing supplies and ingredients as locally as possible, including farms and shops.