With a special skill to observe and monitor the growth of his plants, Jean caters for the needs of the different flowers at the resort. 



Jean Pahuiri, nicknamed “Jean du jardin”, first participated in the construction of the InterContinental Bora Bora Le Moana Resort and then took up the position of gardener when the resort opened in 1987.

Before joining the Moana Resort team, he used to garden at home. He grew his own vegetables and took care of his flowers and coconut palms. His mission today is to manicure, maintain, and cultivate the grounds of Moana’s gardens in order to provide a magnificent holiday setting for guests while providing fresh plants and flowers to the various departments of the resort!

– Jean Pauhiri, Gardener


– Frangipani flowers

Plants and flowers at the InterContinental Bora Bora Le Moana Resort

Among the plants and flowers present in the gardens are bougainvillea, monette, cotton flower, taina flower, periwinkle, hibiscus, Tahitian tiare flower, frangipani flower and butterfly blue pea flower.

While Tahitian tiare flowers and frangipani flowers are used in cocktails, hibiscus and bougainvillea are used for floral decoration in the bedrooms (especially for flower arrangements on the bed, which are particularly appreciated by honeymooners). In addition, the flowers and coconut palms in the gardens allow the resort to offer certain cultural activities to guests, such as making flower-crowns, or bag and basket weaving. Finally, the chef uses the edible flowers, “butterfly blue peas” (which grow in Moana’s gardens) to make several dishes. He uses them while fresh to flavor salads, soups or sauces, and the dried flowers are used in infusions or as a blue coloring in pastries.

- Tiare flower by Mathys Leouffre

Jean’s gardening tip: How to plant and maintain your bougainvillea?

1 – In hot regions, plant the bougainvillea in the ground, if possible, at the foot of a support so it can climb ; in colder regions, plant the bougainvillea in pots, to be able to relocate it to shelter it in case of frost. Use a mixture of garden soil, compost, and sand.
2 – Water it regularly during the growth period. Let the soil dry on the surface between two waterings. In winter, reduce watering.
Bougainvillea needs a lot of sun and heat. Whether in the ground or in a pot, expose it to daylight, and keep it sheltered from cold winds.
3 – To prune the bougainvillea, just remove the dry parts (the wilted flowers) and prune the bougainvillea lightly at the end of winter. Avoid over-pruning which could destroy the flowering possibilities for the new season.

- Pruning of the bougainvillea